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Wooden Dog Kennels

Includes free delivery & professional fitting

Wooden Dog Kennels

Includes free delivery & professional fitting


With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying wooden dog kennels, Kennelstore can guarantee some of the best kennels around that prioritise comfort just as much as security. 

Made from the highest quality materials available, they give you the peace of mind you deserve, by ensuring your dog is safe and secure in their own space away from the home.

At Kennelstore, our large range on offer means that you'll find a wooden dog kennel to suit your requirements, whether that's a separate sleeping area or an attached dog run. All of our kennels and crates are available in a range of sizes too, from low height pent roof dog kennels to kennel blocks for multiple dogs; including both large and extra-large dog kennels with storage shed space.

All of our wooden kennels are designed by a team of experts to cater to your dog. So, whether you're looking for a wooden kennel suitable for a large dog, with plenty of space for both exercise and a dog bed, or a smaller dog kennel to provide your pet with shelter, you'll find a dog kennel to suit your needs. 

All our Kennels are made to order and our dedicated fitting team will aim to deliver & fit your kennel within four weeks from receiving your order. During busy periods this may increase, Please call us to discuss current lead times. 

A delivery surcharge is applicable to all Scottish postcodes which covers additional travelling times.

How big of a kennel does my dog need?

It's important that your dog fits nicely inside the wooden kennel, especially for the ones that love to walk in circles for a few seconds before they lie down or that need space for a few of their favourite dog toys or dog treats to go to sleep. To make sure they fit, you'll want to measure your dog from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. Then, add around 5 inches to those dimensions. Next, measure them from the tip of their snout to approximately halfway down their tail and add approximately 10 inches to that number. You'll be left with a solid idea of the size of the kennel you should be looking for. 

Keep in mind that if you're getting a kennel for a young dog, then you should buy with how big they might grow to in mind. If you get a small kennel for a puppy, it may just be invalidated after it starts properly growing. It's always better to buy a kennel that's too big for your dog, instead of a kennel that's too small. 

Are wooden dog kennels strong enough?

Definitely, especially when using the high-quality materials that we guarantee with every wooden dog kennel we sell. With them often being outdoors, it's important that they can withstand the elements and keep the pet inside safe, and there are few things we take as seriously as the safety of the dog inside when making kennels. Even if your dog likes to run around and make a mess, our products will be more than up for the task. 

Are outdoor kennels good for dogs?

You often hear about 'house cats', but this is far less common for dogs. This is because they have a lot more energy that they need to get out their system, and so often need to go outside to let loose. This is why you rarely see people walking cats. This means that, over centuries, dogs have learnt to love being outside - you may often catch them gazing out the window and daydreaming. Therefore, dogs will always be happy to spend time outside and this is why you find that a lot of dogs enjoy their outdoor kennels.

Like we previously mentioned, the high standards we set ourselves when building our kennels also mean that - even in rough weather - they stand strong and keep your pet safe. So, for even the people that love dog grooming and keeping their pals looking as good as possible, they can have peace of mind from checkout to delivery and years down the line, that they'll be kept in great condition.