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Dog Runs

Free delivery & lifetime guarantee

Dog Runs

Free delivery & lifetime guarantee

Bespoke sizes available, includes fixtures & free delivery!

Looking to make your own dog kennel, or needing to update or replace the panels in your dog run? Whatever size or shape dog run you have in mind, we supply a wide selection of strong and sturdy metal panels to fit your requirements here at Kennelstore.

All with a lifetime guarantee & FREE DELIVERY, our galvanised dog kennel run panels are of the highest quality available on the market and provide your dog with the ultimate security, with the ability to run free in their kennels.

For those making their own dog runs, we also offer quality and affordable accessories, including support posts, roof sheets, and floor and wall brackets. If you need any further help or advice on your dog kennel purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01270 212193.


What is the best flooring for dog runs?

There are a few options you can go with, and you'll need to consider how long your dog will likely spend in the run and how they treat floors normally. Wood chips are cheap and easy to put down but can provide a breeding ground for the likes of ticks and fleas if not inspected often. They are also easily knocked around by energetic dogs, meaning your garden could quickly become messy.

Grass can be a very cost-effective option, but if your dog loves to dig then it could quickly become uneven or muddy if it often rains. Concrete is probably the most hygienic option, and will also last a while considering dogs can't burrow into it, but won't be as comfortable as something like sand - however, a dog bed could easily alleviate this. Sand is also a great option, as not only is it inexpensive but it's easy to clean and very safe.

What are dog runs used for?

Dogs typically love being outside and running around, no matter if they're a small pet or giant hound. If you're sick of hearing the whelping of dogs stuck indoors, then a dog kennel and run can keep them both safe and happy outside. They're especially useful for having if you work away from home and want to keep your dogs outside while away, or if you have friends that come over with dog allergies and want to keep them out of the way (the dogs, not humans!). 

If you need any further help or advice on your dog kennel or dog run purchase, or even how to approach building your own dog run with dog run panels, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kennelstore on 01270 212193. IV, KW & All Highland postcodes a delivery surcharge will be applicable please call prior to purchasing online.