Thermal Dog Kennels

Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, thermal dog kennels are a great choice for dog owners living in UK climates. At Kennelstore we are passionate about the well-being and safety of all dogs, and that’s why we are proud to stock premier top-quality thermal dog kennels that will keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. 

All of our kennel systems are designed for durability, easy cleaning and most importantly comfort. So, whether you are looking for a boarding kennel, dog cabin, or any other animal housing, our thermal dog kennels are a perfect choice. 

At Kennelstore, our insulated dog kennels are made bespoke for you and your pet. You are able to select what galvanised panel finish you would like, along with options for the sleeping area.

Our current lead time for Delivery & Free fitting is approx 8 weeks. Delivery surcharges are applicable to all Scottish postcodes & TR Postcode area.

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What temperature should a dog kennel be?

The latest guidelines suggest that dogs should be kept at a minimum of 10 degrees. Therefore, we suggest that the temperature of your dog kennel should be somewhere between 10-12 degrees. However, longer coated breeds have an additional layer of insulation so keep that in mind when selecting your temperature.

What are the benefits of thermal dog kennels?

Thermal dog kennels are great at regulating the temperature of your dog cabin in both warm and cold weather conditions. The thermal material will not rot, decay, harbour lice, mites, disease or odours, meaning it is very hygienic and safe for your dog.

Where should I put my thermal dog kennel?

Most thermal dog kennels will come with raised floors and removable floors, which means they can be placed pretty much anywhere. However, we recommend avoiding low areas of your garden where rainwater is likely to collect and drainag is difficult.