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Should My Puppy Have A Kennel?

When you first get a puppy the tendency is to keep an eye on it at all times possible to make sure that it’s happy and is keeping out of trouble. However it is important that you settle your puppy quickly into a routine to ensure that good discipline sets in.


A dog see’s its kennel as its den, a place in the wild where they would feel safe and secure, therefore emulating this experience in your home as soon as possible is a must to encourage good behavior. However, just simply putting your dog in its kennel and leaving it there is simply not enough to encourage good behavior. Your dog needs to get used to its surroundings and understand it’s a safe place to be. Therefore putting your dog into a smaller kennel or cage (covered in a blanket) where you can supervise him at all times (for example in the kitchen during the day or bedroom at night) is vital to help your dog settle into his new surroundings. A dog will naturally not want to soil its den so also in the first few months of owing a puppy it might be advisable to let the dog sleep in your bedroom so that you can hear it in case it needs to relieve itself. But overall a kennel is a great way to get your puppy into a good routine.

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