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Not Your Grand Dogs Kennel

You’ve just chosen your dog and brought him home. Now you just need to work out how you’re going to live together, just like you would with any new relationship. Dogs just like humans basically want the same things: to feel safe, to be fed, and warm, and enjoy the company of those around them..

Today we have so many choices on providing a warm and secure shelter for dogs. If you have a good size garden a custom dog kennel could be the perfect solution for you and your dog. And today you can get a shelter that is just as unique as you and your dog. A personalized home could be wonderful addition that would give your dog his own space to call home.

An outdoor kennel is a great solution if you prefer your dog not be left in your house while you are out or at work. There is nothing worse than having a cooped up dog looking out at a garden that can’t be enjoyed until someone comes home to let him out.
It also lets Fido have the freedom of your garden and more importantly it offers your dog a place to shelter and sleep.

Dogs, have “denning instincts" and see their kennel as a "den" and it becomes their “own place", where they will automatically retreat to the privacy and safety of their kennel.  It’s like their home away from home.

A Well-Designed Space
An expert kennel provider will assist you and make sure that your new kennel is beautiful and properly made to ensure the safety of your dog.

•    The kennel will be well insulated, with the floor several inches above the ground, preferably on concrete blocks.
•     A properly constructed roof, so rain or snow won't collect.
•    The kennel will be wide enough for the dog to turn around in and long enough for him to stretch out without any part of his body touching the sides.
•    Help place the kennel in a good location, keeping it away from prevailing winds, letting sun reach it during cool days, however also provide shade in the summer.
•    Guide you with supplying you with new treated wood that will reduce fleas and ticks.
Today’s custom dog kennels would make any dog proud and a stunning addition to your home.  A good kennel company will listen to your needs and can build a home for your dog that suits both of you.
•    You can add a running area
•    A large and warm sleeping area
•    A place for storage and lounging

In fact you can make it as unique and luxurious as you see fit. Your dog is unique so why not provide him a home that reflects his personality.

This article was written by Trina Cooper, the designer of the Wag N Go dog travel bag and based in Great Britain. She has a beagle named Maggie – editor of Wag The Dog UK.

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