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Kennel Expert Mike Nelson Talks Modular Dog Kennel Systems, 11th November 2010

The most popular way of building a dog kennel  is using our modular system which is prepackaged and comes in easy to install separate wall and gate panels. These setups allow you to spend more time with your pet and less time trying to build your pet a home.




The modular system is also one of the most inexpensive ways to building a dog kennel in your yard or garden area, and the money you would spend on purchasing the materials needed for building a dog kennel the old fashioned way can be spent instead on a modular system. Costs are roughly the same, and if you throw in the cost and time it takes for building a dog kennel from the ground up, a modular system is a worth while investment that saves you both time and money.


Once you determine the size of the kennel that you want, think if you can utilize existing walls or fences. Because our modular dog kennels come separately and are then secured together via bolts, you only need to order the amount of panels you require, saving money and time and allowing you to customize your dog kennel  to the particulars of your yard.


Also, when building a dog kennel , make sure you pick a system that is the right size for your dog. This is the most important consideration when deciding on what type and size of modular kennel to build, as kennel sizes can vary in length, height, and shape. Make sure when building your dog kennel you account for the length and height of the dog, so your pet has plenty of room to lay down. Also, when building a dog kennel  make sure you leave room for your pet to walk or run around.

The beauty of building a dog kennel  using our modular system is not only its inexpensive costs and setup but its ability to grow. If you need more room and find your dog needs some more space to run around, you can easily order panel extensions, providing your pet a healthy and happy home for years and years

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