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Dangers of buying a puppy online

We have become aware of a massive rise in puppy buying online and it is a practise to be very careful of, Dogs trust made a fantastic video with Dermot O’Leary outlining this:

This is our top tips guide to buying a puppy you have seen online:

1)    Use the Kennel Club Assured Breeder scheme
The Kennel Club has an opt-in breeder scheme that follows many principals.
In order for a seller to be an assured breeder, they must be able to produce registration certificates, their breeding stock is registered with the kennel club, follow the kennel club policy on breeding age and litters, use identifiable DNA profiles and microchips, use health screening schemes, contracts and to provide advice to buyers on the welfare of their new puppy.
2)    Don’t just go off photos       
Sellers will try and show the best possible photography of your new puppy, but photos cannot show health issues, parents, official documentation and more, make sure you go and see the pup.
3)    Private Seller? Has this seller got recommendations
Have you seen evidence of the conditions the dogs are living in? What about other customers of this seller?
4)    Don’t get hard sold a “down payment”
Some breeders will ask for a down payment to hold the puppy, do not get sold on this, go and visit the seller and the dogs before making any financial commitment.
5)    Do Not Accept Delivery   
Stay clear of pay and delivery websites, You have absolutely no idea what you are receiving.
6)    The Seller
Are they trustworthy, are they very clean and open with your questions? If so, this is a top avoidance tip

Remember: NEVER buy or part with money online for a new puppy, go and see for yourself

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