Dog Beds

After spending the whole day doing laps of your home or the great outdoors, it's important that your furry friend has a comfortable dog bed to relax in. Even if they're not brimming with energy, then a cosy pet bed for them is still crucial. After all, they'd probably be spending more time in there if they're not so busy running around!

Not just any bed will do, either. Try putting a Great Dane in a bed for a Chihuahua, or giving the dirtiest dogs one that isn't waterproof or washable; it won't be fun. That is why we're proud of the huge range of dog beds and bedding that we offer - from grey to rosewood, affordable to luxurious. The benefits of Kennel Store don't just end there, either. Free UK mainland delivery means that our dog beds and accessories are as kind on your bank balance as they are on your dog, while our five star Trustpilot rating shows that you can trust us and our products.

Below, we have answered a few questions that we often get from our customers about dog beds, but don't be afraid to contact us with the information below if you're still looking for some answers!

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Do all dogs need a dog bed to sleep?

No, not at all. However, there are many benefits that come from using one. The main positive being that dog beds are purposefully designed to be comfortable for them and encourage a deep and healthy sleep; whether they're on a plush grey memory foam bed, or a more basic cosy donut version. This comfort is especially important if your pet suffers from joint issues, which mean proper sleep is imperative. Using a dog bed also encourages routine which is great for keeping dogs disciplined. 

What else should I get to go with the dog bed?

While the bed by itself will often suffice, we do offer and encourage other accessories to go with it for a reason. The grey non-slip backing plain that we offer is excellent for keeping the bed in one place, meaning the bed and your pooch aren't slipping and sliding all over the home. Dog cushions and a cosy duvet can also be fantastic additions to the dog bed to keep your pet even warmer and comfier, just like humans and their bed! The beds can also essentially function as a crate mat when combined with a dog crate, assuming it is large enough to house the bed.

Why is my pet always digging into the dog bed?

There are likely two reasons for this behaviour. Either something like one of their dog toys is under the dog bed - or they at least believe something is under the dog bed - while the other option is that it's just part of their lying down routine. This is similar to how they may circle a spot they normally lie in, and shouldn't be a real cause for concern.

However, if you are concerned that your pet bed is going to get damaged and covered in scruffs, then you may want to consider covering the bed with duvets to protect it. Otherwise your nice white, faux fur dog bed might end up grey after a few nights of sleep. This could be especially true if you have an extra large dog, which is why we only sell quality products that can withstand the scruffs that come with tough love. If you look at their old soft toys, then you should get an idea of how delicate they are with their products. 

What is the best material for a dog bed?

It varies for each dog. For some owners, they may have a rambunctious Greyhound that gets wet all the time, meaning an extra-large, machine washable and waterproof bed that can handle a few scruffs would be necessary. For others, a relaxed and small pet like a chihuahua may just need somewhere away from the human's plush bed at night, in which case something woollen and as small as a cat bed may be enough for your pooch - not that we'd recommend a cat bed, of course. Memory foam is also an option for your dog bed which they may enjoy, while something like a grey faux suede bed may fit in nicely with your decor; something else that you need to consider. 

Before you purchase one, just consider your dog and what they're normally like before they go to sleep. We always recommend you buy bigger than your dog, too. Dogs rarely get smaller but are always growing until a certain age, so get them a bed that they can grow into instead of outgrow. 

Not found what you're looking for amongst our dog beds? We sell a large variety of other pet products too; from dog crates and dog bowls, to feeders and dog grooming tables. We're always happy to help you find what you're looking for and what your pooch needs, even if we don't stock it at the time. Either call a member of our team on 01270 212193, or email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! If you've found exactly what you wanted, then we'll see you at the checkout.