Dog Bowls

Dog Bowls

A happy and healthy dog will always have proper access to water, and frequent access to dog food too. Like humans, they are made up of nearly 80% water and therefore a dog bowl is as essential as anything else for your pet. If you own a dog, then you don't need us to tell you what a hungry dog is like, either.

What some owners may not know is that there is a danger associated with using a poor dog bowl. If they're not balanced properly, they may easily be knocked and spill the contents; especially concerning if you have a hyperactive dog. Some may be made of unhygienic materials - like plastic as opposed to stainless steel - and hold on to bacteria more than others. That's why skimping on a cheap dog bowl might save you a few pounds up front, but then cost you hundreds more in vet or cleaning bills. Because of that, we're proud that our range of products make it as easy as possible for your pet to enjoy their dog food, or rehydrate with their water bowl, with the reliability that quality products provide.

Our stainless steel is more hygienic, dishwasher safe and doesn't hold odours so you know they're going to be happy using it. Our gravity feeders are perfect for when traditional dog bowls won't suffice and you want to slowly provide the dog food over an amount of time instead of dropping all the biscuits into the bowl at once, and our raised dog bowls are perfect for the taller - and messier - dogs that may struggle from joint issues. 

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Do larger dogs need raised dog bowls?

While most dogs could feed and drink from lower bowls, elevated bowls would definitely help to relieve neck stress when they're bending over to eat or drink. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with problems like arthritis, or if you just want to avoid issues like dog bloat and mega-oesophagus. If you're interested in raised dog bowls, we provide some that have higher platforms with a bowl built in so you don't need to buy the two separately. 

You can get non-slip bowls with the material at the base to stop it from sliding around, but failing this you can always use a bowl holder which tends to secure the bowls a lot more. Placemats can also help with this, and we'd even recommend this for a cat bowl if your family isn't just limited to dogs. Either way, these will stop pets from knocking the bowls around and potentially spilling the pet food inside, which we think the humans may appreciate a little more come dog feeding time than the pets themselves. 

Why does my dog's water bowl get slimy? Will this happen to these bowls, too? 

The technical name for the slime that forms in the dog's water bowl is 'biofilm', which often looks like a thick slime. This is due to the bacteria in your dog's mouth, which sticks to the side of the bowl after it has been licked. Here, it can fester and potentially become dangerous for the dog. In fact, recent studies had pet bowls listed as the fourth most unhygienic surface in a home (source). This is true whether wet dog food is used or not, as even dry dog food can cause the same bacteria. 

Therefore, this build-up isn't necessarily because of the type of bowl used but is just a byproduct of the way dogs eat and drink. A fix for this would be to just clean the dog bowls every few days so the biofilm can't develop, and you don't risk the health of your pet. 

Are ceramic or stainless steel dog bowls better?

Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the truth is that they won't make that much of a difference. Ceramic dog bowls may be more stylish or come in more variety as opposed to the steel variety, and are durable enough to last for years. Stainless steel dog bowls, however, are incredibly tough and are very easy to rinse clean - which makes them very hygienic, too. They may not all be as aesthetically pleasing as ceramic dog bowls, but they are also generally much cheaper as well. 

Can I use all types of dog food with any pet bowl sold here?

Yes, there are no limitations on the type of dog food you can put in any dog bowl that we sell. We would simply recommend that you maintain the hygiene of the bowls and clean them frequently. The lack of holes in these also means that any of the range we sell can also double as a dog water bowl. You can even use this for cat food if you wish! 

Browse through our selection of dog bowls and feeders to make your dog’s mealtimes and food storage a breeze, even if you’re not there. Controlled products like water fountains and feeders mean you never have to be late for your pup’s dinner, while our free delivery makes taking these pet products through to the checkout even more appealing. We may not sell cat litter or cat toys, but the truth is you could use most of our range with your cats too! 

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