Dog Crates

Whether you're travelling frequently with your dog or you just need to keep them still for some time throughout the day, dog crates may be exactly what you're looking for. 

A dog crate is similar to a kennel in that it can house your dog for periods of time, but they are far more portable and take up much less space than a traditional kennel. Our range includes both fabric and plastic crates, all of which combine comfort and security so your dog isn't just safe - but comfortable, too. They also come in a variety of sizes, meaning that no matter the breed, we have you covered. The pet carriers are large enough that they even have space for their favourite dog toys if they often get anxious when stepping into the crate.

Heavy-duty variants are available to survive dogs with a little too much energy, while removable plastic trays mean that you can extend the life of any crate by removing and replacing parts that you don't need anymore. Once you've found the perfect dog crate for you, you'll be happy to know that we also offer free delivery through the UK mainland on all of the products in this range. 

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When would I need dog crates?

Dog crates can be an essential part of an owners arsenal because they make transporting your pet - something that can be a nightmare without the right equipment - so easy. Their design means that they can even stay in the crate for prolonged periods of time, even more so if you install a dog bed, so you don't need to be pulling over every few minutes if you're on a long drive to let them off of their leash.

These are also perfect when you're not travelling. Don't have the need, or space, for a full-size dog kennel? These are perfect for keeping your dog in one place when they have excessive energy, whether they're outside or inside. If the name didn't make it obvious enough, they are also an essential part of crate training, too. 

What is crate training?

In the wild, dogs often seek out dens to make their home and use as a safe haven. The idea of crate training is that you replicate this environment inside the crate so putting them in there doesn't act as a punishment, but instead, they're somewhere they want to be. Creating a den-like feel for the crate brings with it a wealth of benefits for the owner. These include limiting the access the dog has to the rest of the house, making it easy to transport them in the car, and also provides some house training as they won't want to soil their den. 

The crate can never be used as punishment, and puppies can't be left alone in there for more three hours, but once they're older and their bladders have grown then they can stay in the dog crate for even longer. It also helps to always leave the door open, so they can access it whenever. Whatever crate you buy, it should be big enough that the dog can turn around and lie down comfortably, bearing in mind the fact that younger dogs will likely grow larger so get a crate that suits the size that the dog will grow to, as opposed to the size the dog currently is. 

What should I leave in the dog crate?

While dog crates are generally comfortable for your pet, if the crate is large enough then you could always put a dog bed in there to make the stay even more enjoyable. On top of this, dog toys can be good to make the crate feel even more like a den. Dog food would only really need to be put in there if they were going to be in there for prolonged periods. These vary in size quite drastically though, so you may find that one crate is essentially the size of a basket and wouldn't fit much else in, while some are the size of more traditional dog cages/kennels and can, therefore, fit much more. Due to the portability of them, we wouldn't recommend filling dog bowls with water. 

Do I need a dog crate if I have a kennel?

They are definitely similar, but crates are fundamentally superior in one particular area - portability. A dog kennel is generally meant to stay in one position at a time and is not designed with transportation in mind. That's why a dog crate may appeal to people that do professional dog grooming, dog breeders or for dogs with parents in multiple houses that they often travel between. 

What should I do if my dog cries while in the crate?

You can always expect that your pet will overreact to new elements in their life. Even something as minor as a dog collar could become a divider between you and them if they start blaming you for this new nuisance. For that reason, it's not uncommon that your dog would start crying early on when they're using a crate - especially if they're in there for long periods of time. Puppies around the age of 5 months won't be able to stay in there for more than a 2-3 hours at a time because they only have small bladders, meaning they'll need to relieve themselves more often than dogs of a few years old. This is especially true for small dogs, so be sure to keep this in mind when deciding how long you keep the pet in the dog crate.

One way you can encourage them to enjoy the crate more is to put dog treats inside, so they're essentially rewarded once they step in; no matter the dog breed, everyone loves treats. Other factors for them crying may be that they feel lonely because they're separated from you, they're bored because they can't be active inside there or for some reason, they are scared of being inside the crate due to poor training. If separation anxiety is the cause, then you'll find that it requires long-term management and potentially even medication to overcome. However, with patience and love, any dog can grow to love their pet crate

We don't just sell crates, either. We provide everything dog owners may need, from training aids for puppy training, to dog grooming equipment and essentials like dog bowls and playpens for small and large dogs alike. Free delivery also means that these aren't just great for your pet, but great for your wallet too. You can call a member of our team on 01270 212193, or email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.