24cm Single Bowl & Holder 3Ltr

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24cm Single Bowl & Holder
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Extremely robust bowl & holder that easily bolts onto our bar or mesh panels its unique design prevents your pet from spilling contents comes complete with all fixtures.

Our new dog run bowl has arrived & we are really excited as we believe this is the best dog run bowl on the market!

We looked at all the problems associated with existing dog bowls & felt we could come up with a design that was simple to use, Clean, Hygienic & fitted easily. The new dog bowl design which takes 3ltrs has been tried & tested by both Kennelstore staff & most importantly our dogs so we know it will please anyone who has dogs & dog runs.

It doesn’t come with any hooks or clips that can get ingrained with food waste so it's the most hygienic bowl on the market. The simple design means it will stay in place until you decide to remove it & clean it or fill the bowl. Due to it being self supporting, You can easily take the bowl off & clean it then re attached with minimal fuss. The bowls can be attached to any dog run panels whether bar or mesh & can be fitted at any height to fit your dog’s needs so it is perfect for all dogs no matter what breed or size they are. You can have complete confidence in this design being safe for your dogs as it is so secure, Your dog will not be able to take it off & do as they please with it. It’s the perfect dog bowl to add on to any dog run & is designed for both food & water so don’t waste any time & place your order for yours now.

AB,HS,IV,KW,PA,PH,ZE,IOW,IOM,Northern Ireland & Channel Isles please contact us for a delivery quote

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