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Working Dogs - A Beginners Guide

All dogs are special and deserve to be treated with the same level of care and attention. However, sometimes because of a duty to ensure a pet's health and safety, you may be required to purchase specific housing and accessories, this would certainly apply for working dogs. The term working dogs is given to those breeds who have a special role to play with the Police, Military, Security as well as the Search and Rescue service. Here we look at product availability for this particular group.

Working dogs will require nutrition that is high in protein and rich in a specific combination of vitamins and minerals. The food should enable the dog to maintain a high level of performance as well as working in the background to develop muscle strength, healthy bones and durable teeth. Working dogs lead a busy life and as such will have big appetites. Their nutrition intake should be of the right quota to ensure it keeps them going throughout the day. Ask your veterinarian to suggest some brands/food types.

Choosing the type of housing for a working dog should take into account several factors – heating, lighting, ventilation, space, ease of access, protection from prevailing weather, noise pollution and of course ease of provision of food and water. Our range of dog pens, dog cabins and wooden kennels have been manufactured against these considerations. Our wooden kennels are designed to provide convenience, comfort and safety. If you have several dogs in your employ then we have housing that can accommodate two or more dogs. Popular with the police, Ministry of Defence and commercial kennel owners is the Thermal Composite Dog cabin – strong and easily assembled. If heating is your primary concern we also have available insulated cabins and plastic cabins. Holding pens are ideal for containing multiple dogs for a short period of times such as hunting or search and rescue dogs. Not only do they provide value for money but are safe and strong.

If your working dog will be spending time indoors, take advantage of our collapsible steel wire cage.

In transit
We have a variety of dog crates and vari kennels to help ease travelling concerns around space and safety for your dog.

Clothing & accessories
Some working dogs will have responsibilities which take them into water. Our flotation jackets will supplement your dog's existing skills and provide a confidence boost.  If the work is to be during the evening or overnight, consider equipping your dog with an all element jacket which comes complete with light reflective piping.

Our range of dog leads, harnesses and collars is extensive and some items you will not find anywhere else. We have leads that can be extended to 6 inches – ideal for search and rescue or police dogs, leads that are waterproof and resilient and leads that are designed specifically to be used in crowded areas.

If you would like further information, on the suitability of any of our products for working dogs, please get in touch.

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