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Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summertime

Summer can be a great season for you and your dog. It is open for lots of fun activities like playing on the beach or in the local park. However, like humans, the hot climate can also pose threats such as sunburn or sun stroke to your dog.

One of the most common forms of sun stroke or heat exhaustion comes from pets left in parked cars in the blazing sun. If you must travel with the dog on a hot day, leave the air conditioning on at all times. Another is too much exercise on a hot day without plenty of fluids. It is always important to carry enough water for your pet regardless of the temperature or the amount of exercise it is getting. It is also important to take multiple breaks. Note: older dogs are less tolerant to the heat.

It is recommended that you keep your dog in the shade at the hottest hours of the day (10am-3pm), but you can still protect your pet from the sun by applying sun block repeatedly throughout the day. The most sensitive area’s are the nose, tips of the ears and around the lips. While applying sun block to the nose and ears are fine, you may want to leave the lips and just keep a close eye at times to make sure they aren’t burning.

For dog kennels and runs, make sure they are heavily shaded to ensure sun protection for your dog. For older dogs, it is recommended to keep them inside your home using indoor dog kennels on days where temperatures are high.

Finally, avoid cemented pathways where possible when going for walks, make use of the grassy areas when they are available. The cement can get very hot and cause blisters to their pads.

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