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How To Care For A Puppy

Bringing a puppy home can be exciting, but understanding how to care for it may be new to you. They are, without a doubt, a lot of work, but they will also bring a lot of happiness. It is important to know all about puppy training, as well as their health. Where to keep your new puppy is also important, as they won’t be ready for indoor dog kennels or outdoor dog kennels just yet. Your breeder should provide you with this information, but it is always good to hear additional advice.

Most puppies will need to eat three to four small meals a day. After half a year, reduce this down to two to three meals a day, and then two meals per day once a full year has passed. If your puppy isn’t hungry often enough for these meals, reduce the portion size or frequency. It is important to split the meals into morning and evening. As for what food to use, it is recommended that you stick to brand name puppy food, and avoid the cheaper foods.

During their first year in life, they will need to receive regular vaccination to protect them from disease or illness. Due to losing their disease protection they were given to by their mother, they will gradually form their own immunity, but until that time you will need to give them regular shots of vaccine. Again, your breeder will provide you with this information for your puppy.

Other information which would be useful to know about would be basic house training, discipline, playtime and sleep pattern

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