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Galvanised Or Wooden Kennels?

One of the considerations when owning a dog has to be where to keep it when you are not around to look after it. The different types of options available to where you keep can keep your dog are varied for example from your kitchen to the garage to outside. However the two most popular options are galvanized pens and wooden kennels, but which one out of these options is best?


A galvanized pen offers a great flexible way to keep your dog because of the simplicity in their design and the protection they offer. They also are easy to ensemble and reassemble thus meaning that the pen can be moved easily from location to location. A further advantage of galvanized pens are because they are protected with a metallic coating it means the pen wont rust and you can leave it outside in all types of weather. This however can also be their main downfall as they do not provide much shelter from the elements and so therefore extra protection may be needed over the pen itself.

The traditional wooden dog kennel is a very popular way to keep your dog, whilst not only looking aesthetically pleasing they also last for the majority of your dog’s life - if built properly, therefore offering long term value for money. Built outside, the wooden kennel offers not only space for your dog but space between you and your dog and the house therefore distancing yourself from certain smells and noises that Fido might make. The space offered by wooden dog kennels of-course differs with price and they cannot be easily moved or transported when assembled however with a good design and quality manufacture, wooden dog kennels are often the best option when it comes to looking after your dog.

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