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Dog Training - 5 Easy Commands To Teach Your Dog

When training a dog, or any pet for that matter, the first thing to know is that it will be time consuming. One important requirement to successful dog training is patience. The very first commands a dog needs to know are sit, stay, no, lie down and come. It is important to train each one individually, and until the dog understands it. A 30 minute daily routine should be enforced. Outdoor dog kennels can become beneficial for this.


1. Sit
The most common and easiest command to use on your dog is training it to sit. In order to do this, you need to gently pat your dog just near the tail, and kindly tell it to sit. When the dog sits, reward it with a treat. Repeat this process until the dog learns it.

2. Stay
The next most common command is stay. For this command, you will be using the previous command in order to help your dog learn this easier. First, tell the dog to sit, and reward with a treat, while sitting, gradually walk by 5 feet and hold your hand out like a stop sign. Do this for a couple of minutes, then reward with a treat if it has obeyed your command properly.

3. Come
Again, you will be using the previous command, stay, in order to accomplish this command. While your dog is in the stay position, call your dog to “come” and use an appropriate hand gesture to signal for them to come to you. Reward with a treat.

4. No
The no command is fairly easy and doesn’t necessarily use any form of training technique. You simply tell the dog “no” whenever it is misbehaving, and point the finger at it in a strict manner.

5. Lie Down
In order to train your dog how to lie down, you need to make sure the dog is sat, and then gently pat the ground in front. Reward with a treat when the dog has learned the command properly.

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