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Ultimate 10 Tips On Dog Kennels

This week, Dog kennel expert Mike Nelson discusses things you should think about before buying that brand new kennel for your dog. Here are some top 10 tips

1)Think carefully about the size of your dog in relative proportion too the kennel you are buying, is there enough room for exercise, food, water, sleeping and so forth.

2)More active dogs need bigger areas. Stronger dogs need more solidly structured kennels that they cannot break, also think about how high they can jump, sume breeds can jump as much as five feet!

3)Material is very important in choosing a dog kennel, kennelstore provides a range of wooden, commercial and galvanised steel panels in all our range of dog kennels and runs.

4) One of the biggest mistakes our customers make is buying a panel with too wide bar spacing for their dog. Our panels break down into both 5cm and 8cm bars, these are the spacings between the panel bars. Make sure you get the 5cm bars for smaller breeds.

5)We have a range of plastic products too but these are not always a great idea if your dog chews heavily. We also have a range of strong items and additions to our kennels that can serve all breeds.

6)Roofing is another important step if you have outdoor kennels, not just the protection of the rain, but shade from the sun, cold conditions and in general welfare of your canine. We offer many solutions to roofing with all of our wooden kennel range.

7)Dog kennels can serve as a fantastic living experience for your dog, they can serve not only as their sleeping and resting place, it can also be an exciting play area, protection from weather, a more quiet and cleaner environment for you in your own home, and a more managable living environment for you

8) Keeping your dog kennel clean is imperatively important to the welfare and care of your dog, we have a range of wipe clean floors that we can install to make sure that its easy for you too keep your dog healthy and clean.

9) Make sure your kennel is properly fitted, we currently offer a free fitting service on all our wooden dog kennel range, remember to use a concrete or flagstone base, if you dont have one we can provide a strong alternative.

10) Its always in our best interests to make sure your dog is safe, secure and healthy in their new home, remember to call us on 01270 212193 for any help or guidance about buying a dog kennel

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